Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Moving Beyond Social Media Theory

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We had a small tweetup in Boston a couple Fridays ago and I got to spend some fun time with @Ericleist @Julito77 @MeghanMBiro @Katjaib and @rachelmello. It was awesome to meet Eric, Meghan, & Kat IRL. They are great and I look forward to spending time with them again. I really enjoy sharing ideas, concepts, and approaches with smart people like them.

We got into a conversation about the so called Social Media experts and what they like to talk about. I believe most SM Experts like to espouse a lot of theoretical ideas but don't back them up with examples of how they execute them for a client. This has become a pet peeve of mine while watching some of these people tweet & blog.

I am not a Social Media Expert (No one is), hate the name, but I do have a marketing foundation of 12+ years. My experience is currently being applied to execute successful Social Media Campaigns through my company BuzzCal Communications.

Here is where I want to differ from most Social Media blogs...

I want to Move Beyond Social Media Theory and start discussing Social Media Execution. I want to share my real world client experiences with you from the theory behind my approach to the execution.

I debated back and forth about sharing my approach but by opening myself up to y'all I hope to achieve the following:

1) Give the people who read my blog ideas to help them execute Social Media Strategies for their clients.

2) Create a place where people can share ideas and help others succeed.

3) Create opportunities with potential clients who read my blog and need help.

4) Create opportunities to speak with groups about how to execute Social Media Strategies.

I was honored by @MeghanHBiro when she called me #authentic. She recognized what I hope all of you get to discover one day when we meet...I am the same guy In Real Life as the one you tweet with on Twitter...R-E-A-L!

To carry the #authentic tag one step further please re-read my points 3 & 4. I am not pretending to any of you that I am not trying to make money because I am. I wake up everyday ready to work hard building BuzzCal Communications just like all of you are working hard to achieve in your jobs.

I plan on providing information that you can use to bring value to your clients. In turn I hope my sharing creates new clients and or opportunities to speak with others about how to execute successful Social Media Strategies.

How is that for #authentic and transparent?!

One last point...

My approach to Marketing, Social Media, etc. is from my view of the world. If you put 100 different Marketers in a room they will have 100 different approaches to how you should market a business.

The foundation of my marketing approach is how cost efficiently I can grow revenue for a company.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!



  1. Great post Jeff!

    You and I think a lot alike. Approaching the use of Social Media, both for our own businesses and those of our clients, with nothing short of honesty, kindness, wisdom and the entire toolbox of marketing tactics is what will create the most value for them....not just drinking the Kool-Aid of Social Media use without consideration for the entire picture.

    Right on target my friend!

  2. Interesting + valuable thoughts. I really enjoyed meeting you in person. It's always fascinating to uncover how an individual's online brand meshes with their "real life" personality. Does perception always match reality? Great news = IMHO your brand is absolutely seamless in this respect :) Authenticity simply makes social media more interesting + meaningful.

    There is currently more social media theory floating around than actual metrics + methods. The collective "we" are still in the process of understanding + articulating the relevance as it truly is a case-by-case application from a pure marketing angle.

    Look forward to hearing more from your end. Cheers Jeff!

  3. Great ideas. Social media is an avenue but some people treat it like its going to take over. Its part of the equation and still has a lot of places to go. Great insight, we'll be following regularly.

  4. Great post Jeff. It was awesome meeting you IRL. You weren't EXACTLY as I expected- but definitely just as cool or cooler. I can't wait to get the possee together again. Keep up the good work man.

  5. Jeff,

    Great post. I especially like, "execution." You are so right that there is a large void right now in terms of content that discusses the results. I think in part that is due to the fact that B2B marketers really now are just truly beginning to focus on it.

    For the overwhelming majority of companies 2009 was all about survival. I envision a 2010 where we begin to see a lot more of the "how." And many new creative ways will emerge whereby social media is integrated into an overall marketing plan...to do just what you are trying to do...grow revenue for your company.

  6. When we first met earlier this year I was delighted to find that the person on Twitter is the same person face-to-face! You are both authentic and transparent and it's greatly appreciated!

  7. Jeff: This is an excellent "authentic" post! Our firms are in lockstep on moving beyond SM theory.

    We are executing social media strategies everyday for our clients, but equally important, is that they see the Deeter Gallaher Group on the public timeline too. This isn't something we "sell" them and then not partake ourselves. We tweet and follow and FlipVideo because we believe it's where the conversations and customers are. I have told all our wonderful clients that they can never say, "Hey Anne, you didn't tell us about Twitter or YouTube. You only told us about print or PR."

    We are presenting all the options and efficiencies to the best of our knowledge, and for most it's a blend of traditional + social media. We are starting to build a library of case studies so others can see how we engage clients on these platforms.

  8. Thank you all for taking the time to share your kind words, support, and ideas. By taking part in my blog you are sharing in my journey towards success! I appreciate each one of you.

  9. I love how you look at this Jeff, people love not being sold something. The way you're going about this is the BEST way because you are helping them make themselves better. Quite frankly we all need to do a better job at helping people become better at who they are, what they do, and who they want to be!