Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The TV Gravy Train is Done!

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The title is dramatic but it serves to make a point. TV works as an advertising medium BUT in this quickly shifting Media World it is a waste of money.

For decades the TV Industry and the Big Madison Avenue Agencies have had a cozy relationship with the clients getting the raw deal. During the upfront season Agencies and the TV Industry would pretend to work really hard at hammering out the best deals for their clients. The fact is...were the agencies really going to re-allocate their client's budgets to another ad medium (think New Media) outside of TV when that is where they make the most money? It is all smoke and mirrors with the clients suffering.

The agencies make the bulk of their revenue from the creation of TV commercials and buying TV time. <----Did you hear that Mr. Chief Marketing Officer?

What advertising medium do you think agencies are pitching daily to their clients? Why do you think New Media is still not getting close to the share of ad dollars that TV is getting? Where the ad dollars have been spent in the past has lots to do with agency self preservation.

The TV Gravy Train is Done

Big Madison Avenue Agencies out there who are used to every solution to a marketing problem being solved by how many :30 second TV ads they can run are in trouble. In this Economy when ROI is so important you can no longer hide.

The TV Industry has tried their best to put lipstick on a pig with articles like this one "Network Phenom: Little Broadcast Erosion" which came out on 9/25 and can be found here...bit.ly/40a9I

The article praises the Fall TV lineup and mentions how the TV Networks have experienced only a small loss of audience from the previous year. The Agencies pushing TV on their clients love these stories BUT are frightened to imagine a Chief marketing Officer or even a CEO to see this recent TIVO study from an article that came out on 9/24...bit.ly/XmTDV

The TiVo's Stop||Watch ratings service demonstrated the following...
  • 83% of "Mad-Men" viewers fast forwarded through the commercials
  • Drama programming's viewers fast forwarded through the commercials 73% of the time
  • 30 Rock viewers were LEAST prone to skip through commercials but still did it an alarmingly 64% of the time!
The above information details what we have all known and have probably experienced in our own homes...we don't watch commercials!

If you are a business who is paying TONS of money to expose your product or service to the masses then wouldn't you want the masses to see it?

The time is now for CEOs, CMOs, and Local Business Owners to wake up and realize their are a lot better marketing answers for their money than TV. Don't let ad agencies feed you the TV BS anymore!!!

When your Agency tries to push TV on you then site the above article for a reason why you want to see a detailed Marketing Plan which includes other advertising mediums. If the agency still tries to push TV on you then tell them you are willing to pay 25% of the TV ad rate since that is the average percentage of the audience who might see your ad...HA!

New Media, Social Media, and Local Radio are three VERY effective and Cost Efficient Mediums which can get the job done at a fraction of the cost for TV.

The times have changed and so should your marketing approach!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Managing Employees in this Economy

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My friend has the best sign in her office.


Your most valuable resources drive away at the end of every business day, and it is your job to make sure they are eager to return the next morning.

As a manager you should commit the above message to memory. You can accomplish nothing as a manager if you don't have employees who are willing to walk through walls for you.

When I became a General Sales Manager of two Radio Stations at the age of 26 I knew I had a lot to learn. I would learn through doing but I also wanted to gain perspective fast. I hit the bookstore and luckily found what I believe to be one of the best books for managers..."First, Break All The Rules" by Marcus Buckingham & Curt Coffman.

The book was based on research done on over 80,000 managers to figure out what traits were shared by highly successful managers. They found that the only shared trait by successful managers is they don't follow rules...they get the job done. Oh they do share one trait and that is understanding the value of their employees.

When the Economy was humming along it was easier for sucky managers to succeed. In these tough Economic times the companies who succeed are the ones who have GREAT managers.

Now is the time for managers to start caring about their employees again or as soon as the job market turns around they will be gone. The following are some key points I believe managers must remember during these tough times to ensure productive employees:

  • Treat them as people
  • Get to know them
  • Discover what they want to achieve Professionally and Personally
  • Allow room for mistakes since that is how they grow
  • Hire the right people and let them do what they do best!
  • Set realistic expectations
  • Praise GREAT work!
  • Provide the right resources to do the job effectively
  • Constantly Motivate
  • Say Thank you
The above list probably seems simple but how many managers are running so fast they are forgetting the basics...their people. Focus on your employees now so you don't lose them later.

REMEMBER: Employees usually leave companies because of bad managers NOT bad companies.


Friday, September 4, 2009

#followfriday for the week of 8/31/09

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Let the #followfriday love begin...

@BuzzCal This is my corporate account where I hide when put in twitter jail:) We also tweet info about BuzzCal here.

@JohnKremer My first follower. If you want to market a book then this is your guy.

brandyellen This gal is from NH, is one of my first followers , and is really nice. She is a GREAT mom who also likes the Red Sox!!!

@julito77 He is a friend, funny, helpful, part of my Boston Posse, Red Sox Nation member, BuzzCal rapper, & All Around GREAT Guy!!!

@gaillamarche She is a friend, very smart Legal Marketer, helpful, funny, & a HUGE Red Sox Nation member!

adriandayton An all around GREAT GUY!!! He is a lawyer, Writer, Social Media Enthusiast, and an Entrepreneur. He turned down a good paying day job to blaze his own path. MUCH RESPECT!!! He is also part of my posse even though I haven't concluded which city I will classify him in. I can't say NY since I don't like that city...LOL!!!

@Ridgeback27 This here is a really nice guy and is also a HUGE Red Sox Fan!!!

Hawkeye0071 A very nice lady who always is kind to me.

@janepruitt Very cool girl, funny, HUGE GA Bulldogs Fan, and my backup against @CesLSU...LOL!!!

@zoeyjordan This girl is funny, smart, has amazing musical taste, AND is the President of my Fan Club. How can I go wrong:)

ShelliMayfield This lady is smart, funny, has great musical tastes which she displays late night Blip'ng with me, and is a HUGE Red Sox Nation Member...WHAT WHAT!!!

@ashleyjill She is my Boston Posse Member, is completely hilareous, picks on me incessantly, is kind, a great friend, Boston Red Sox Fan, and is real!

@BillTamminga Very smart Sales/Marketing Man in Denver, funny, helpful, and a friend I hope to eventually meet.

@annaanisin This girl is very nice, entrepreneurial, helpful, and is going to launch Baseball Beauties in the next couple of months!

@steelergurl This girl is a smart PR girl and also a die hard Steeler Fan. The latter part makes me sick most of the time but I like her enough to keep her around...LOL!

fleurdeleigh This lovely lady is a GREAT photographer and is very informative.

PaulaRobinson Very helpful to Senior Citizens and also a nice lady all around.

@SoxFan24 My brother from another mother!!! This guy is funny, Mr. Security, a HUGE New England Sports Fan, & a Friend!!!

@EthanJaynes Sports Blogger who always gives me #FF Love:)

@paulpierce34 He is the Man for the Celtics and I can say I am one of the few he follows. I kinda feel honored:)

@ginidietrich If you did a study on how CEO's should conduct themselves then this lady is the leader of the group. Incredibly intelligent, PR Expert, business acumen, funny, not a Chicago White Sox Fan, informative, and a friend:) One of the tops on my entire twitter list!

@angelica7641 This girl is rocks the party! She is a PR Diva, funny, adventerous, informative, and is a friend:)

@modishplum This girl is so nice and very informative.

@Keith_Shay Is such a GREAT guy who is an impressive CEO. He is funny, informative, and does the best job at ribbing @ginidietrich .

@4thGear Very smart and can help to develop a plan to grow your biz.

@DCdebbie This girl is so funny and is all about helping others. She has a HUGE heart and is just a very nice person.

@Alyfoley Member of my Boston Posse:) This gal is a HUGE New England Sports Fan and very funny!!!

@ChuckSwanson HUGE Red Sox Fan out in Orgeon plus a really good guy.

@foiledcupcakes This gal makes a mean cupcake that all of Chicago loves and cannot do without. She is funny, informative, and enjoys my Blips.

@AmberAusten This girl makes me laugh daily, granted me land in Spain, and is a complete open book which is not normal in this world.

@CesLSU My LSU pal:) This guy is very smart, funny, informative, and I consider a friend except for when LSU plays UGA:)

@GeekWearsPrada This girl is like clockwork with her Red Sox waves to start every morning.

@jonesdel This talented journalist is funny, informative, intelligent, and knows how to find humor in stressful times.

@BoSoxCutie19 Proudly representing Red Sox Nation from Texas.

@julibarcelona One of my favs on twitter. She has the best personality, smart, and gets Marketing!!!

@melaniegreen She likes a good Blip and a good PR conversation.

@LauraJDaley This lady will help you to develop the communication skills possible to succeed in today's business world.

@nancymyrland One of the nicest people on twitter. She is also great at marketing businesses.

@PaulSegreto If you want to learn about Franchises then this is the smart man you need to follow.

@jen004 Always there for a good laugh and rantings from the Political right.

@LindseyGallant This girl is cool since she is from Boston and is looking for her next adventure. Hopefully she will find it soon:)

@Justinthesouth This guy is a friend, smart, funny, and a HUGE Red Sox Fan!!!

@levitanl This great lady is smart, helpful, provides me with great guidance, and is a giver.

@LuvMyFeline Awesome gal in New England who is always there to provide me Red Sox updates when I am out and about.

@CandiceStone This lovely gal is smart, funny, enjoys my Blips, and is always there to help.

@AbbieF Very smart PR lady who is not afarid to share her wisdom with me. I hope we can do great things together in the future.

@debdobson Making it happen KC!!! She is funny, kind, Marketer, tennis player, enjoyer of my Blips, and fun to tweet with.

@brooksienole FSU & Red Sox FAN in the HOUSE!!!

@shawnrecruits4u GREAT guy and recruiter!!! Has been exteremely helpful!!! THX man!

@matusik5 I'm watching you...LOL!!! Very funny lady:)

@shelbilavender Very talented and funny gal up in Nashvegas!

@scott_farrell Very smart PR guy who also has a GREAT sense of humor.

@simasays Is a wealth of knowledge.

@DebCE A very smart and nice lady who is enjoyable to know.

@MeghanMBiro Need a job or career change...this lovely lady can help!

@LynniMegginson My Older sister (this is a running joke and she is really not my sister), extremely talented Designer, funny, wild, can drink tequila withthe best of them, and a friend!

@shandrab This gal is right up there on my list of favorite people I met through twitter. She is sooo talented as an Interior Designer, is Super Smart, Entrepreneurial, Full of Energy, Funny, a Friend, and a must to follow!!!

@big_teeth Very talented video producer up in Chicago. Very funny too!!

@vvarela1974 One of the few Yankee Fans I like. She is @julito 's sister so that helped plus she is really cool.

@vcolon My virtual jogging partner and very cool gal:)

@KashKowe HUGE Red Sox Fan and Money Man...MOOOOOOOO!!!

@reddsmitty A very nice lady who enjoys my Blips.

@tkpleslie All about Green Furniture and helping out Indie Furniture Stores.

@luiserpa GREAT guy who is my Portuguese bretheren:)

@aakomas Very nice gal who is Rockin it in Chicago!

and saving the best for last this week...

@rachelmello My wife who is so smart, funny, energetic, loving, caring, and short like me:)

If I missed you this week I am sorry. Make sure you tweet more with me so you make it on my future lists.

Happy #Followfriday!!!


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Beware of the Social Media Snake Oil Salesman

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In the days of the Wild West Snake Oil Salesman would roll into a town of trusting people, sell a product that had absolutely no value, and make a fast getaway before anyone realized they were had!

Recently I've been feeling the new Wild West is Social Media and there are plenty of Snake Oil Salesman lurking around every turn. You know how to spot most of them...they like to use titles like Social Media Guru, Twitter Expert, or Facebook Master just to name a few.

I know I should not care what these Snake Oil Salesman do to turn a quick buck BUT I do because...

1) It takes money from honest business owners who are looking for guidance from trustworthy people.

2) It taints these business owners for future Individuals/Companies who can truly help them grow their business.

If you are a business owner thinking about implementing a Social Media Program please consider the following:

Just because someone uses Twitter and has 100,000 followers does not qualify them to solve your business needs! Look beyond those silly numbers and demand to know why you should work with them.

I suggest working with individuals who have a Marketing/Communication background since the good ones are trained to ask questions to better understand how your business works... how you make money, understand your customers, understand your competition, understand your competitive advantage, and the market perception of your company to name a few. The business information gathered will enable the trained individual to formulate a comprehensive strategy utilizing Social Media and any other Communication Medium which is determined to be a good fit for your individual business. Not all Communication Mediums are right for all businesses.

The Snake Oil Saleman Smell test...Can the individual develop a plan to grow your business Revenue, Customer Relationships, or Brand? If they cannot or don't understand the question then they are Snake Oil Salesman...RUN!!!