Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Evolution of Communication

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I am happy to report this blog has moved to my new website... http://evolutionofcommunication.com

I hope to see y'all there.

Thank you for the support.

Jeff Mello
Founder, Evolution of Communication

Friday, December 11, 2009

My 12/11/09 Twitter Follow Friday List

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For those of you who are not familiar with Twitter...Follow Friday is a way to give a shout out on Twitter to the people who add value to you. The following is my list for the week of 12/11/09.

The List...

@AllThingsGwen This girl is just awesome! She is a bundle of energy, positive, fun, smart, into fitness, and recently engaged. Sorry guys:)

@Nongling This gal has been a friend on twitter for a long time. She is always kind, helpful, interesting, a model, and extremely smart! She is a software developer.

@Atlantafatboy My new Yankee Fan friend. As we all know I keep them to a minimum. Met him and his lovely wife @Tarynp IRL at the #ypcity event. They both are really cool and I look forward to seeing them again.

@stephenatl Also met him IRL at the #ypcity tweetup. Really nice PR guy who I enjoyed connecting with and hopefully we can do some work together in the future.

Here are my 4 future PR All Stars I met IRL at the #ypcity event. These 4 need to work with me some day...

@PhyllisMD This girl is smart, charming, and I can tell she can make things happen.

@NatalieNajjar Another really smart girl who is trying to make things happen. She has a GREAT personality and she knows how to connect.

@mousAAckall This young guy has it! Smart, sociable, and a go getter. I am always impressed with someone who has an aggressive side and not afraid to go after what they want. He is one of them. He may be hiding in PR but I see other roles for him in the biz world. His only downfall...he is a HUGE fan of @tedrubin . OH BOY...this could be a problem...LOL!

Rounding out my Future PR All Stars... @GoKTGo
This gal was an absolute pleasure to meet. Watching her energy and passion flow out of her as she spoke about Social Media was EXCITING! This girl is smart, fun, gets it, and is a go getter. She is very impressive and has a bright future ahead! I look forward to continuing to connect with her IRL. For the record...she is also a big fan of @SydneyOwen but who isn't? :)

@thebrandbuilder If Social Media is important to you then this is a guy to pay attention to. He is smart, cool, and informative. He also ROCKS presentations!

@chrisbrogan As you all know I could care less about celebrities but smart biz people really impress me. I usually don't give a #FF to someone who has not followed me back but this guy is the Social Media man! I know I am stating the obvious but he really has a GREAT SM mind! I really enjoy absorbing his philosophies plus he is approachable unlike lots of others on Twitter.

@AndrewSansone This guy is a great entrepreneur, a fun guy to connect with, funny, and another Yankee Fan I accept:)

@IzzyMercado200m This guy is really cool and a HUGE New England Patriots Fan!!!

@janfog Really smart lady who is a Vistage CEO Group Leader and who enjoys my Blips:) <---- Once again smart...LOL! By the way...I want to jump into the lake in the pic on your profile page.

@donnaseyle A kind, smart, interesting Attorney in Cali.

@SAGEINDESIGN A real cool guy who is a lot of fun to tweet with and he is also into Design.

@kirstenwright Real kind and fun blogger out in Cali.

@JaimieField One of the best! She is always willing to help, funny, and a friend who I got to meet IRL!!!

@americannanny Always a pleasure to tweet with this lovely lady.

@TransitionalTee This gal has talent!

@TheSheaNoel is the company of one of my favorite people and amazing Interior Designers... @Shandrab ! This girl has more talent then she knows what do with. She is FUNNY, smart, and is a must follow! MUST I tell you! LOL!

@Zoeyjordan Yes she is my Twit Wife:) She always makes me laugh, is very smart, and has an AWESOME outlook on life. I am lucky to have met her and I enjoy every tweet with her:) Kinda hear a Police song coming up...haha! "Every tweet u take...every move you make..." :)

@AnneDGallaher Cool Marketing lady up in PA.

@jennifervides Always have a ton of fun tweeting with this lovely gal. She enjoys my Blips which is a plus:)

@kreativekonnect A fun girl who is an Entrepreneur and cool TV Producer.

@YLsoccermom OMG! This AWESOME woman cracks me up everyday! If you are looking for a deliciously cooked meal then don't turn to this this gal...LOL! Right Chef? :)

@DebCE CEO of Computer Explorers, intelligent, fun, and kind. Always enjoyable to connect with her.

@jademorey I get a kick out of this girl! She is funny and doesn't pull any punches which is refreshing. The future is bright for her.

@Pats4Me Yes...she is AWESOME! Funny, HUGE New England Patriots Fan, loves margaritas, and I hope to meet her IRL in March.

@matusik5 Another one of those ladies who I look forward to connecting with all the time! She is living life on her terms and that is simply AWESOME!

@HowellMarketing Very smart Marketing gal who is a must follow!

@ChicagoDiane She gave me a delicious Mocha Pecan Pie recipe for Turkey Day and she shares occasional insomnia with me:)

@rachelmello The woman who keeps me in line or at least tries:)

@gaillamarche HUGE Red Sox fan and a really nice lady who is always fun to tweet with. She is the Marketing Director at a Law Firm in Florida.

@aakomas I really enjoy this gal. She is always a joy. FUNNY too:)

@nancymyrland Social Media focused mainly on lawyers. I am so happy to have met her on twitter and she is definitely one of the sweetest woman I know.

@julibarcelona She is smart, fun, caring, always willing to help, and a friend! You can learn a lot from her.

@foiledcupcakes She is an amazing entrepreneur and now a celebrity stalker...LOL! She is AMAZING...really!

@angelica7641 Another fav of mine. She kicks butt and takes names BUT she is also an extremely talented PR/Social Media gal living it up in Chi-Town. She is always willing to help and share her knowledge. I am lucky to consider her a friend:)

@CandiceStone She just has a way of bringing a smile to my face when she pops into my stream:)

@Shawnrecruits4u If you want to work at Yahoo! then speak to this man. GREAT guy who is a lot of fun! I hope to get out to Cali one day to meet him.

@CesLSU Can you guess which College Football team he likes? :) Really intelligent guy who cares deeply for this Country. Funny too!

@GeekWearsPrada She loves the Red Sox, her family, and Prada:) She is a lot of fun and provides our daily Red Sox wave when we are in-season.

@AmberAusten She is the Queen of Spain, always good for laughs, and has a GREAT heart!

The Posse...

@justinthesouth A GREAT guy dabbling in Social Media. HUGE Red Sox fan and an all around awesome guy to know! Friend.

@julito77 He tweets so much I think his phone is directly connected to his brain and tweets on thought waves:) GREAT friend! Have met him IRL 3x and always TONS of fun! High energy, extremely smart, and Social Media savvy!

@adriandayton The designated face of our posse since he is the best looking out of the 4 of us. 2 feet taller than me...LOL, kind, intelligent, helpful, and if you are a lawyer trying to understand Social media then this is the guy you should meet.

That is it! If you are not on this list then please tweet with me so I get to know you better. I am here to connect with you.


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Twitter Strategy For The Radio Industry

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Last week I blogged about my desire to "Move Beyond Social Media Theory" and to discuss execution...

Let the FUN begin!!!

I want to start by discussing one of the verticals which is near and dear to me...The Radio Industry.

My Media background is in Radio which you can find here LinkedIn. Since I have such an extensive background in Media it made sense to have my first Social Media clients be from this Vertical.

The slide above is pulled from a presentation I did for some Radio clients (removing their names to protect the innocent) on Twitter Strategy and displays the multi-level benefits of Twitter. The slide also demonstrates the level of knowledge you need to gain about a client's business before you can truly execute an effective Twitter campaign. There are multiple channels within a business that can be affected by a Twitter Strategy and your job is to understand how you can positively affect each one of those channels.

The REAL Social Media Professionals who are out there working with clients know the real story. Understand a business completely then you can figure how to implement an effective Twitter Strategy for them.

Let's look at all the opportunities created for Radio with a Twitter Strategy:
  1. Real Time Research
  2. Promotional Channel
  3. Increase Listener Engagement
  4. Build Brand Loyalty
  5. Content Distribution Channel
  6. Real-Time Content Tracking
  7. Track & Participate in Station Conversations (Brand Management)
  8. Station Marketing
  9. Drive Website Traffic
  10. Drive Streaming Traffic
  11. Build Local Audience
  12. Build National Audience
  13. Decrease Marketing Expenses
  14. Increase Revenue
  15. Competitive Analysis
When you look at the above list don't you think OMG? I do since there is so much opportunity sitting right there just by using Twitter effectively!

Can you guess the one thing a Radio Station or Media Company HAS to do in order to make any of the above 15 points really effective?

They need to engage with their followers...2-way conversations. 1-way communication is dead!

I have watched this concept blow away Program Directors because they had never thought of it before. I make them feel better by explaining most companies don't get it and now they are ahead of most:)

My next post will dive deeper into those 15 points listed above.


I can be reached at jeff.mello@buzzcal.com