Friday, September 4, 2009

#followfriday for the week of 8/31/09

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Let the #followfriday love begin...

@BuzzCal This is my corporate account where I hide when put in twitter jail:) We also tweet info about BuzzCal here.

@JohnKremer My first follower. If you want to market a book then this is your guy.

brandyellen This gal is from NH, is one of my first followers , and is really nice. She is a GREAT mom who also likes the Red Sox!!!

@julito77 He is a friend, funny, helpful, part of my Boston Posse, Red Sox Nation member, BuzzCal rapper, & All Around GREAT Guy!!!

@gaillamarche She is a friend, very smart Legal Marketer, helpful, funny, & a HUGE Red Sox Nation member!

adriandayton An all around GREAT GUY!!! He is a lawyer, Writer, Social Media Enthusiast, and an Entrepreneur. He turned down a good paying day job to blaze his own path. MUCH RESPECT!!! He is also part of my posse even though I haven't concluded which city I will classify him in. I can't say NY since I don't like that city...LOL!!!

@Ridgeback27 This here is a really nice guy and is also a HUGE Red Sox Fan!!!

Hawkeye0071 A very nice lady who always is kind to me.

@janepruitt Very cool girl, funny, HUGE GA Bulldogs Fan, and my backup against @CesLSU...LOL!!!

@zoeyjordan This girl is funny, smart, has amazing musical taste, AND is the President of my Fan Club. How can I go wrong:)

ShelliMayfield This lady is smart, funny, has great musical tastes which she displays late night Blip'ng with me, and is a HUGE Red Sox Nation Member...WHAT WHAT!!!

@ashleyjill She is my Boston Posse Member, is completely hilareous, picks on me incessantly, is kind, a great friend, Boston Red Sox Fan, and is real!

@BillTamminga Very smart Sales/Marketing Man in Denver, funny, helpful, and a friend I hope to eventually meet.

@annaanisin This girl is very nice, entrepreneurial, helpful, and is going to launch Baseball Beauties in the next couple of months!

@steelergurl This girl is a smart PR girl and also a die hard Steeler Fan. The latter part makes me sick most of the time but I like her enough to keep her around...LOL!

fleurdeleigh This lovely lady is a GREAT photographer and is very informative.

PaulaRobinson Very helpful to Senior Citizens and also a nice lady all around.

@SoxFan24 My brother from another mother!!! This guy is funny, Mr. Security, a HUGE New England Sports Fan, & a Friend!!!

@EthanJaynes Sports Blogger who always gives me #FF Love:)

@paulpierce34 He is the Man for the Celtics and I can say I am one of the few he follows. I kinda feel honored:)

@ginidietrich If you did a study on how CEO's should conduct themselves then this lady is the leader of the group. Incredibly intelligent, PR Expert, business acumen, funny, not a Chicago White Sox Fan, informative, and a friend:) One of the tops on my entire twitter list!

@angelica7641 This girl is rocks the party! She is a PR Diva, funny, adventerous, informative, and is a friend:)

@modishplum This girl is so nice and very informative.

@Keith_Shay Is such a GREAT guy who is an impressive CEO. He is funny, informative, and does the best job at ribbing @ginidietrich .

@4thGear Very smart and can help to develop a plan to grow your biz.

@DCdebbie This girl is so funny and is all about helping others. She has a HUGE heart and is just a very nice person.

@Alyfoley Member of my Boston Posse:) This gal is a HUGE New England Sports Fan and very funny!!!

@ChuckSwanson HUGE Red Sox Fan out in Orgeon plus a really good guy.

@foiledcupcakes This gal makes a mean cupcake that all of Chicago loves and cannot do without. She is funny, informative, and enjoys my Blips.

@AmberAusten This girl makes me laugh daily, granted me land in Spain, and is a complete open book which is not normal in this world.

@CesLSU My LSU pal:) This guy is very smart, funny, informative, and I consider a friend except for when LSU plays UGA:)

@GeekWearsPrada This girl is like clockwork with her Red Sox waves to start every morning.

@jonesdel This talented journalist is funny, informative, intelligent, and knows how to find humor in stressful times.

@BoSoxCutie19 Proudly representing Red Sox Nation from Texas.

@julibarcelona One of my favs on twitter. She has the best personality, smart, and gets Marketing!!!

@melaniegreen She likes a good Blip and a good PR conversation.

@LauraJDaley This lady will help you to develop the communication skills possible to succeed in today's business world.

@nancymyrland One of the nicest people on twitter. She is also great at marketing businesses.

@PaulSegreto If you want to learn about Franchises then this is the smart man you need to follow.

@jen004 Always there for a good laugh and rantings from the Political right.

@LindseyGallant This girl is cool since she is from Boston and is looking for her next adventure. Hopefully she will find it soon:)

@Justinthesouth This guy is a friend, smart, funny, and a HUGE Red Sox Fan!!!

@levitanl This great lady is smart, helpful, provides me with great guidance, and is a giver.

@LuvMyFeline Awesome gal in New England who is always there to provide me Red Sox updates when I am out and about.

@CandiceStone This lovely gal is smart, funny, enjoys my Blips, and is always there to help.

@AbbieF Very smart PR lady who is not afarid to share her wisdom with me. I hope we can do great things together in the future.

@debdobson Making it happen KC!!! She is funny, kind, Marketer, tennis player, enjoyer of my Blips, and fun to tweet with.

@brooksienole FSU & Red Sox FAN in the HOUSE!!!

@shawnrecruits4u GREAT guy and recruiter!!! Has been exteremely helpful!!! THX man!

@matusik5 I'm watching you...LOL!!! Very funny lady:)

@shelbilavender Very talented and funny gal up in Nashvegas!

@scott_farrell Very smart PR guy who also has a GREAT sense of humor.

@simasays Is a wealth of knowledge.

@DebCE A very smart and nice lady who is enjoyable to know.

@MeghanMBiro Need a job or career change...this lovely lady can help!

@LynniMegginson My Older sister (this is a running joke and she is really not my sister), extremely talented Designer, funny, wild, can drink tequila withthe best of them, and a friend!

@shandrab This gal is right up there on my list of favorite people I met through twitter. She is sooo talented as an Interior Designer, is Super Smart, Entrepreneurial, Full of Energy, Funny, a Friend, and a must to follow!!!

@big_teeth Very talented video producer up in Chicago. Very funny too!!

@vvarela1974 One of the few Yankee Fans I like. She is @julito 's sister so that helped plus she is really cool.

@vcolon My virtual jogging partner and very cool gal:)

@KashKowe HUGE Red Sox Fan and Money Man...MOOOOOOOO!!!

@reddsmitty A very nice lady who enjoys my Blips.

@tkpleslie All about Green Furniture and helping out Indie Furniture Stores.

@luiserpa GREAT guy who is my Portuguese bretheren:)

@aakomas Very nice gal who is Rockin it in Chicago!

and saving the best for last this week...

@rachelmello My wife who is so smart, funny, energetic, loving, caring, and short like me:)

If I missed you this week I am sorry. Make sure you tweet more with me so you make it on my future lists.

Happy #Followfriday!!!


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