Friday, November 6, 2009

My 11/6/09 Massive Follow Friday List

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JaimieField This lady proves why Twitter is so cool. We just connected earlier in the week and she has already tried to help me with BuzzCal Communications. She has GREAT taste in music too:) We did quickly learn to not talk sports...LOL!

americannanny The President of the American Nanny company and a really cool lady.

TransitionalTee This gal is young and insightful. I wish I could Blog like her. Check her out.

RealBlackWidow Cool Oakland Raider Fan and someone who is not afraid to share her view. I really enjoy outspoken people.

Nong_ling This gal is always cheerful, engaging, fun, and kind.

kinetixhr Smart, eclectic, and @Rachelmello's boss!

txm77 Real cool lady to tweet.

jod_writer Cool attorney/writer up in Chicago.

KelliThompson Kind, fun, and interesting.

jennifervides She spoils me by constantly RT'ng my Blips. Glad you like my #Mellotunes

LoisMarketing Real nice marketing lady here in the ATL. She is a HUGE Formula 1 racing fan. I guess someone has to be....hehe!

amtomei This gal is not afraid to throw out her political views. I love em:) Please excuse her Steelers background.

Ylsoccermom Just call this lady "Chef" LOL! If you want a good meal...burnt then have her cook it. All kidding aside this gal is real fun to tweet.

USNAVYSEALS Much RESPECT for his service to our Country PLUS I am a HUGE HUGE HUGE Fan of Special Forces. These guys don't play games...THANK GOD!

ShawnPButler Real cool guy here in the ATL who is into Sport's Marketing and Social Media.

madebyhippies Need a tie dyed shirt then go here. Peace!

jademorey Real smart gal in the ATL fighting for campus at a time.

nwchptr4me Get to meet this cool gal next Friday at a Boston tweetup in Harvard Square! Can't wait. She is funny and interesting.

Pats4Me This lady ROCKS!!! HUGE Boston Sport's Fan trapped in Texas:) A must follow if you are into having a fun time tweeting.

matusik5 Here is another must follow if you like having FUN! This lady cracks me up all the time. LOVE IT!!!

Gina_Lee_Garcia Entrepreneurial lady in GA who is bottling BBQ Sauce which will hopefully be coming to a store near you.

MurphDawgRadio A JETS Fan...LOL! What happened to Sanchez?

MktgEmpress The name says it all! She is working it in the ATL!

KennyHamilton Yankee Fan...UGH! Still a cool guy to know!

gtiadvisors When you want to feel safe call this guy. Real nice guy.

jsbsox HUGE Red Sox and FSU Fan!!!

HowellMarketing Real smart PR/Marketing lady who is real helpful. I appreciate her veiws on Marketing.

sumaya Smart and Funny! GREAT COMBO!

saradavidson PR/Marketing gal is fun to tweet.

crcpr21 A real interesting and fun follow!

SocialDivo The man, the myth, the legend. Making it happen in the ATL!

coreyanderson Someone please buy this guy's house in the ATL! LOL! Nice guy who loves all things Tampa Bay.

ChicagoDiane COOL lady who is smart, funny, kind, and just an all around great person to know.

joe_charles Another Yankee Fan. Just shoot me:)

rachelmello Beside being AWESOME she also deals with me. Trust me when I say it is not easy:) She loves the 49ers and the Atlanta Falcons. If you are a 49ers Fan please follow her so she can complain about them to you instead of me...HA!

aakomas YES she does ROCK!

krismap This fun lady is in Detroit so please give her a reason to be uplifted...Follow her:)

vcolon & AmberAusten Are my virtual running partners:)

katjaib Smart and insightful. I get to meet her next Friday!!!

shandrab Amazingly talented gal. Real Happy to call her a friend!

zoeyjordan Don't let her humor fool you. This gal is one smart Marketing gal and awesome person to know. I hope to meet her in 2010.

MeghanMBiro Life coach. HR, fun, and I get to meet her next Friday!

debdobson Real nice lady who loves her some "Levon" Blips:)

AbbieF If you need PR in Phoenix then this is the intelligent lady you need to know.

CandiceStone She randomly pops into my stream to put a smile on my face. She is smart, funny, and an entrepreneur. I am glad we met.

Dos_Equis_Guy You know why? I want to be this man when I am 60! ROCK ON! Just live your life tweeps!

PaulSegreto If you want to be in or are already in a Franchise than this is your guy!

nancymyrland One of the kindest people I have met on Twitter.

SydneyOwen This gal makes me smile.

jonesdel It is always fun to connect with this extremely talented journalist. He holds no punches which is refreshing.

martinwaxman Real nice and smart PR star in Toronto. I hope to meet him in person one day.

rockingjude She is fun, kind, and loves my Blips.

bizwhig The #FF King and Re-Blip'ng Master!

foiledcupcakes This girl is one of my favs! She is such a smart biz woman and so down to Earth. I cannot wait to hang with her again.

Another gal who brings a smile to my face when she pops into my stream. She is the energizer bunny with a punch!

fleurdeleigh GREAT Photographer and really nice lady.

The Boys:

CesLSU Incredibly smart, funny, strong republican, and a friend!

thescottbishop Smart Man in the world of Social Media.

ShawnRecruits4u Nice guy who recruits for Yahoo! helpful, funny, and Italian (inside joke)

tedrubin He is one of the Yankee Fans I will deal with since he is a GREAT GUY!

4thGear Extremely Smart and is always willing to help. A man y'all should get to know.

Keith_Shay An Insightful CEO who is not just really smart but is funny too! GREAT COMBO!

SoxFan24 My Brother from another mother. FUNNY FUNNY GUY!

justinthesouth One of the nicest guys you can meet. A GREAT Red Sox Fan, Social Media lover, and a friend!

adriandayton Social Media for lawyers is his specialty but he goes waaaay beyond. He is a writer, attorney (don't hold that against him), funny, intelligent, helpful, giving, World Traveller, and when I stand next to him I reach his waist:) Most of all a friend!

Saving the best for last...

julito77 This guy is like the Mayor of Twitter. He tweets more than me which is an accomplishment in itself. He is a HUGE Boston Sport's Fan, extremely intelligent, HIGH ENERGY, Entrepreneur, helped me in my Twitter beginnings, and one of my closest friends I have met on Twitter. He picks on me like the brother I never had. We will be hanging out next Friday at our Tweetup in harvard Square.

Sorry if I did not include you on this list. If we connect often on Twitter then you are guaranteed to make future lists. I love meeting new people so tweet me. I don't bite...I nibble:)



  1. Wow, bro, you rock! Thanks for that cool comment. See you next Friday!

  2. I am so honored to be on this list Jeff. You and Rachel are sugh great friends, and I am glad I was given the opportunity to meet you guys IRL. Happy Friday!

  3. Thanks, bud. Keep rockin' the tunes

  4. Dude you are one lucky guy! An amazing wife and a constant stream of women who make you smile! Love the 'energizer bunny with a punch' comment for Angelica!

  5. Thanks all for the wonderful comments.

  6. Thanks so much Mello Man!!! YOU are the best!!!

  7. Matusik5,

    Come on...a list is not a list without including you and @Pats4Me. Thanks for bringing a smile to my face daily:)