Tuesday, April 21, 2009


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I have contemplated starting a blog for awhile now since it seems I always have something to say. I am addicted to twitter and the great friends I have already made there. The only issue I have with using twitter is to limit my thoughts to no more than 140 characters. This blog will allow me to expound on ideas that develop from my twitter conversations or through all the reading I do.

My focus will be on the Media Industry which I served in for 12+ years before becoming the Co-Founder of BuzzCal.com. I want to discuss how the Media Industry is being reshaped due to Internal & External forces, how the combination of Social Media and Technology is changing the way we as people communicate everyday, and most importantly how a Business Owner can tie all these Marketing tools together to effectively grow his business.

For over 12 years I have been helping clients to understand how to build their Company Brand and Revenue through the proper marketing techniques. You want to know what the best feeling is? When a client has put his complete trust in you and in return you create an effective Marketing plan that increases his revenue more than expected! That experience is blissful!

I look forward to sharing my views with you and I hope in return you provide feedback to me. If a post stinks then call me out. I can handle it:) If you really like a post then please tell me. I love feedback.

Let's have Fun!


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