Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Dirty Secret of Big Advertising Agencies

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The Issue:

The ultimate goal of any Advertising Agency should be to develop a Strategic Marketing Plan that will increase brand recognition and revenue for a client. What the client does not know is the agency has a dirty secret...their goal is to have you spend all your marketing dollars on TV. Why you ask?

The reasons why agencies push for TV:

  • Quality TV Commercials are the most expensive to produce so agencies can charge their clients BIG bucks!
  • Agencies make a commission on all the media they purchase for a client. TV is the most expensive to purchase, requires the biggest budgets, and allows the agency to make the most money from you!
  • Does not require an intricate marketing plan to execute. In plain English...just being lazy!
The Panic:
  • Agencies are panicking because no matter what BS study that comes out the fact IS people are viewing less live television than ever before.
  • The Agency business model is based on getting their clients to buy TV. TV is the cash cow for agencies and once that goes away the large agencies will be gone.
The Solution:

Find an Agency who will do the following:
  • Take the time to completely understand your business and how you drive revenue BEFORE they develop a Marketing Plan!
  • Walk you through how the different Communication Mediums work (not just TV)
  • Will share with you their vision of PR, Social Media, & Interactive Media and how it can potentially play a role in your Marketing Plans
  • Will share with you how their customized Marketing Plan will achieve your desired Marketing Goals.
  • Will not ram TV down your throat
  • Is fully vested in your SUCCESS!


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