Friday, May 8, 2009

Twitter's Master Plan

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Do you think twitter likes to remind us how much we enjoy their service? I think so and will use today as an example. There is not another company I can think of that would shut down a service for their customers during regular business hours. Twitter decided they would be doing scheduled maintenance at 2P PST/5P EST. Why not work on twitter after midnight? I am sitting here after 7P EST and still twitter is down. Over two hours of down time for a service that millions are using. Not a good business practice to keep your customers happy but maybe there is a bigger idea at work.

I know we all don't pay to use twitter currently but what if we did? I would be very upset losing access to my tweeps for an extended amount of time. I define extended as anytime over 5 minutes. Hey I like interacting with my followers...HA! What if twitter has a master plan at work here? Twitter might have chosen to shutdown during prime hours to remind users how much they would miss their service if it was to go away. I for one am sitting here writing this blog entry wishing I was with my friends on twitter. Maybe their master plan has worked and reminded me how I cannot live without the twitter service.

Does twitter have a master plan at work?



  1. I wondered the same thing - why wouldn't they do this during the weekend or in the middle of the night? I guess for the same reason they haven't figured out how to monetize it yet...they don't use their own service.

  2. Because not everything happens getting into consideration only the US. For us, Europe, for example it was during the night.. so no big deal. It's impossible to satisfy everyone when you're talkin about such a big community.

  3. Andrei,

    Thanks for the comment. I understand your point but as you can see here... 47% of twitter's traffic is from the US. Twitter should worry about how they affect the majority of their user base first.

  4. That is absolutely correct!! Well said!

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