Friday, October 9, 2009

#Follow Friday for 10/9/09

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Some of the GREAT friends I have met on twitter.

My #Follow Friday List for 10/9/09:

@Pats4Me Top of my list! This lady makes me laugh everyday, has tremendous spunk, and her passion for the Patriots fits in nicely with the rest of the Boston Posse.

@matusik5 I consider this gal the other half of @pats4me making them the dynamic duo. I got lucky to have connected with these wonderful ladies. She is so smart and funny. She keeps me laughing constantly!

@HowellMarketing Very Smart Media Gal who is also funny and enjoys my Blips. She totally spoiled me with a #FF last week that has to be one of my best ever. THANKS!!!

@LoisMarketing This lady is really funny, I think she is French, and a huge lover of Formula 1 racing.

@USNAVYSEALS A True Patriot who served our country and was in my favorite part of the Armed Services...The Navy Seals. They don't play games! Hear that Terrorists! These are the guys who will hunt U down while u sleep.

@AmericanWomannn Very nice lady who nominated me for her #hunkalert. THX!

@shawnpbutler Cool Media guy here in Atlanta who enjoys my Blips.

@jademorey Smart young gal who is the Chairwoman of the Georgia Association of College Republicans

@nwchptr4me Very cool Boston Posse member who loves the red Sox and has a great profile pic that shows her devilish side:)

@LaraAlexandra Very funny girl who works in Radio up in New York. Hook her up.

@KatColeATL Real cool lady who is the VP of Hooters and who I need to have coffee with soon:)

@Kim23Supernova Real interesting gal who is a talented golfer and photographer. I have such a respect for her approach to life. A must follow!

@955TheBeat Plays all your favorite artists from Pitbull, Mariah Carey, Kanye West, etc. and always giving you ways to win cool prizes.

He is the Afternoon DJ at @955thebeat and a real nice guy.

@Gina_Lee_Garcia If you want some yummy BBQ sauce then this is your gal.

@MurphDawgRadio One half of the @955thebeat Morning Show. This guy is a cool cat who you should get to know.

@radiojohnnyd Another GREAT On-Air DJ for @955thebeat .

@KennyHamilton @955thebeat Personality and FUNNY DUDE!

@jsbsox AWESOME Red Sox and FSU Fan! She is always fun to connect with on Twitter.

@SocialDivo Real cool guy here who makes it happen in the A-T-L!

@BobWarren The man, the myth, the legend:) The Ultimate Don Juan of Twitter. He works the ladies almost as well as the "World's Most Interesting Man" LOL

@LenKendall A nice guy I met in July. He has great persepctives I enjoy reading.

@jaybaer Really intelligent Social Media practitioner.

@SarahRobinson Another great lady I got to meet in person this past July. She is making it happen with the "Young Turk" in tow one day at a time.

@ChicagoDiane Another bright gal who is fun to tweet with.

@NancyLoo If you watch TV in Chicago then you need to know this lovely lady.

@dnvrsangel A very kind lady who is fun to connect with on Twitter.

@rachelmello The fiery red head who has to deal with me. Trust me I am not easy but this beautiful, funny, talented, and louder than me girl does it:) My wife.

@thescottbishop Very bright Marketing/Social Media Strategist. I enjoy his takes on the online world.

@JoeTheProducer Here is one of those extremely nice guys you want to know. I constantly think about how I can work with him as grows since he is a very talented video producer. Follow this guy NOW!

@aakomas This girl ROCKS IT in Chicago! AWESOME GAL!!!

@luiserpa Another highly talented and smart man here! Funny too!

@tkpleslie Helping Green Furniture retailers.

@JeanneBehr HUGE lover of my blips and I like her despite her Steeler love...HA!

@michele7962 A really nice lady who always has a kind word to say.

@vcolon My virtual running partner and AWESOME lady:) Let's go!!!

@Ace2003 Solid Red Sox Fan and I like him even though he is misguided with his football team selection:)

@SoxFan24 & @ashleyjill I put them on the same line since they are like an old married couple. I love them both and they always keep me smiling. Thanks y'all!

@julito77 One of my closest buds on Twitter. We have met in person a couple of times and he has been with me here pretty much from the beginning. He gives me a lot of crap about the my Red Sox frustrations but I know it is all in fun. Pleasure my brothah!


  1. Jeff: Let me be the first to comment and say how awesome this is and smart. Thanks for including me in such GREAT company..I want to follow all these folks! Thanks!!! Keep up the great blips! Best, Amy

  2. Thanks Jeff! Great folks you have up here, & I'll be sure to follow the ones that I don't already. You rock and I love the blips. So, keep them coming okay.